Are cross-cultural misunderstandings
a risk you​ or your company can afford to take?

Making cultural differences an asset

To succeed in today’s global marketplace, every individual working at any level in the organization, needs to have the global knowledge and skills necessary to productively leverage the inevitable cultural differences they encounter when working across cultures.  Those who understand how to bridge culture gaps will succeed, and those who don’t – will not.

How hard can it be to successfully relate to and communicate with them – to sell your products, provide quality customer service, negotiate a deal, etc.?  After all, aren’t people everywhere “really all alike”?

In reality, understanding coworkers, business associates, and potential customers from other countries and cultures can be a maze.  Why?  Because every culture has its own subtle variations in ways of thinking, communicating, and conducting business as well as different expectations of customer service.

 International Development Resources provides solutions to the challenges of globalization through training seminars, coaching, and consulting.  Clients learn practical information, techniques, skills and strategies to bridge the cultural gap, which results in understanding, communicating and working more effectively with people from other cultures.