Making cultural differences an asset

About IDR's Owner

Rhonda Coast

President, International Development Resources

​​Rhonda Coast,founder and President of International Development Resources (IDR), is an accomplished and versatile professional with a wealth of corporate business experience, executive-level training skills, and working abroad experience. 

IDR provides customized training for individuals and groups in the areas of: 

  • cross-cultural communication
  • expatriate relocation (international assignments)
  • repatriation (re-entry) to home country
  • group business briefings on various countries/regions
  • general cross-cultural awareness

Clients range from multinational corporations, educational institutions, international airport authorities, non-profit organizations, financial institutions, and advertising agencies to U.S. Government departments. 

Ms. Coast also has conducted a successful series of webcast trainings on how to work more effectively in global, virtual teams for more than 100 employees based in Europe and the U.S. at a major Fortune 100 company. 

Her training programs, coaching and consulting empower clients to find solutions to globalization challenges through creative strategies to communicate and work more effectively across cultures. 

Ms. Coast’s practical experience includes extensive on-site work in international locations to help establish startup manufacturing operations for a Fortune 100 global company.  She has also conducted focus group interviews and quality standards assessments at international manufacturing sites.

Rhonda has gained her conceptual knowledge from intercultural communication studies at the Institute of Intercultural Communication, Portland, Oregon; Interchange Institute in Boston, Mass.; and through the Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research.  She also is a former foreign language instructor with a B.A. degree in education and a Master’s degree in foreign language.

In addition, Rhonda is a professional cross-cultural trainer for a large number of well-known U.S.- and internationally-based cross-cultural training and consulting companies.