Relocation Programs:

​​​Pre-Departure Training for Expatriates Moving Abroad:  Individuals relocating outside their home country (expatriates) learn practical skills and effective strategies to successfully cope with daily life, adjust to their new host country, and meet the challenges of working and living in a new culture.

Corporate Globalization Programs:

Global Diversity Training:  Preparing employees to work effectively in a global work environment, whether in a multicultural workforce at their work site or interacting with customers and business associates from other countries

Region/Country-Specific Training (Doing Business In…):  An in-depth look at a region or country with a focus on developing successful intercultural strategies

Training for Support Teams:  Practical information for members of departments such as human resources, accounting, etc., who provide services to international expatriates.  Through increased awareness of cultural factors that challenge international transferees as they adapt to their new host culture, support staff are empowered to better serve the needs of transferees.

Post-Arrival Seminar for Expatriates Moving to the U.S.:  Transferred employee and partner discover differences in thinking, communicating, developing relationships, and conducting business between their home country and the U.S.  They learn practical methods to successfully handle these challenges in their new home country.

Repatriation (Re-entry to Home Country) Training:   Moving back to one’s home country is one of the most surprisingly challenging experiences – both personally and professionally - for most repatriates.  Participants learn practical tips on how to cope with re-entry shock and strategies to facilitate their re-integration into the home culture, society, and work place.

Executive/Employee Coaching for Global Effectiveness:  One-on-one customized sessions with a cross-cultural professional to address specific needs, develop intercultural skills and strategies, and learn how to apply these to appropriate cross-cultural situations

Making cultural differences an asset