This program exceeded my expectations and they were high.  I feel like I have avoided many potential missteps and will be more successful in my new assignment as a result of this training.

Rhonda did an exceptional job of tailoring and adapting this program to my situation and my needs.

         -Director, US RMD Sales Process,
Fisher Scientific (Relocation program:  U.S. to UK)

Thank you so much for a wonderful and informative program! We (my husband and I) both learned a lot and it made us feel excited and positive about our move.  I can tell how much time and effort you put into these consultations and admire your passion for what you do. 

It was great to have time to talk about the move.  We can’t talk to our friends, it makes them feel sad.  We can’t talk to others about it because they don’t understand.
      -Spouse, Johnson Matthey
(Relocation program:  South Africa to U.S. to China)

Your participation in our program made a deep impression on our visitors from Ukraine.  They were quite impressed with your insight into the character of the American people…We at PCIV commend you for the part you’ve played in promoting mutual understanding between the peoples of the United States and Ukraine.
      - Community Connections Coordinator,
Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors (Group program: Ukraine

         to U.S.)

It was one of the best sessions for training I have ever experienced in all my travels for the company. I know I will succeed there [in Saudi Arabia] because of the foundations you shared and the clear and candid teaching methods that got right to the point and there was no ambiguity about what we were discussing. I know what to expect more than I did before. Thank you for clearing up many misconceptions others had shared with me that were not factual.
     -Procurement Manager, Alcoa Inc. (Relocation program:  U.S. to Saudi Arabia) 

(Your) cross-cultural training…was very useful to me and changed my life.  From the list of organizations that you gave me, I was able to join some of them and made some friends. Through these friends that I made, I met my wife 2 and a half years ago.  We have been married for a year.

I’m going to recommend to as many people as possible to go through similar training…It can really make paradigm shifts.
       -Kunal Bhonsle, Global Lean Manager, Kennametal (Relocation program:  India to U.S.)

A very useful program, even for a world traveler.  Rhonda prepared well. She knew our needs.  Every expat should take this program with their entire family.
     -Region Franchise Leader, Merck (Relocation program:  U.S./India to Switzerland)

I appreciated Rhonda’s knowledge and openness in the session.  I really enjoyed the training.  I feel better knowing that what I’ve been experiencing is normal.  I also appreciated the opportunity to talk and share.
      -Material & Recipe Manager, Nestlé (Repatriation program:  Switzerland to U.S.)

Rhonda, I’ve seen many sessions on cultural differences, but must say yours was really interactive and interesting!  Keep up the good work!
     -English-speaking Russian Facilitator, Magee Womancare International (Group program:  Russia to U.S.)

Thank you so much for your time - it has been so valuable and I've really enjoyed talking to you. 
     -Senior Manager, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Australia (Intercultural coaching series:  Australia to U.S.)

Rhonda was easy to engage with and very insightful.
     -Group Marketing Manager, Pfizer Australia (InterculturalcCoaching series: Australia to U.S.)

Thank you for an absolutely great training: your great personality certainly made it wonderful.

As my husband said: if only his teachers would have been as capable as you, he would really have learned something in school!

Rhonda - you are amazing!  Thank you SO much for all the information!  I am really using it! SO helpful, for instance, understanding the people around you! 

We hope you realize what a GREAT teacher you are! Thank you so much for sharing all that knowledge with us – in such a fun learning environment!
     -Chief Information Officer, Alcoa Inc. (Relocation program:  Iceland/Denmark to U.S.)

You improve people’s lives!
     - Spouse, Alcoa Inc.  (Relocation program:  Iranian-American to Saudi Arabia)

Today has been fantastic!  Thank you.  I have learnt lots of new knowledge and developed cultural understanding.  It was a very, very fun and informative day.  I was a little apprehensive that a whole day in one room would make it difficult to stay engaged.  However, I was deeply interested in everything that was delivered and I thought the course was structured in a fantastic way.  Incredible job. 
     -Market Adoption Consultant, GlaxoSmithKline (Relocation program:  United Kingdom to U.S.)

Your advice on making an international presentation was highly informative, and your enthusiasm for your subject comes through.
     - Ann Marie Ott, President, Impact Strategy Associates (Coaching on international business presentation)

Thank you so much!  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the program, but I was pleasantly surprised how helpful and comprehensive it was.  I learned a lot and it boosted my confidence in my ability to adjust to our new country!  My husband and I learned a lot about ourselves and about each other.
     - Spouse, Steris Corp. (Relocation program:  U.S. to Brazil)

I didn’t know what to expect from this program.  It far exceeded my expectations.

We enjoyed the enthusiasm you show in conveying the intercultural guidelines and tips.

     - Technical Manager, Alcoa Inc. (Relocation program:  Venezuelan-American to Saudi Arabia)

The program has equipped me with the knowledge & resources I will need to have a successful duration in Belgium…overall, I am in a much better position for success than I was 2 days ago. 
     - Engineer, Avery Dennison (Relocation program: U.S. to Belgium)

I found it extremely useful to take time out from a demanding schedule to really reflect on the cultural differences between the U.S. and Ireland and how to bridge any gaps.  Rhonda delivered an excellent training session.
     -Industry Sales Director, Thermo Fisher Scientific (Relocation program:  Ireland to U.S.)

Our staff really enjoyed your program as did I.  Your knowledge and enthusiasm for this topic really are evident in your presentation…Thanks, Rhonda, for all of your thorough preparation.
     - Human Resources Manager, Society of Automotive Engineers

Rhonda Coast is an excellent facilitator and expert in Cross Cultural Communication Skills. Dealing with cultural diversity in the workplace is a challenge nearly everyone encounters. To be sensitive to cultural differences, I highly recommend Rhonda to help you understand and learn how to adapt your communication style. I recently attended Rhonda's workshop on “Coaching Across Cultures: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone”. I learned techniques to pass on to my clients as well as techniques to help me be a better coach. Rhonda is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about cross cultural communication issues. Her services help bridge the communication gaps in any workplace setting.
     -President, Clearly Speaking (Group program: Coaching Across Cultures)

I attended a presentation that Rhonda gave regarding Bridging the Cross-Cultural Communication Gap in the Multicultural Workplace. Rhonda is an excellent speaker, and it is clear that she is passionate about her work. Her material and exercises were extremely engaging. She has a great deal of professional experience working with a diverse mix of cultures, and she shared terrific illustrations on the importance of understanding those differences when working toward a common goal. I have attended several seminars that have covered this topic, and Rhonda's stood out as stellar. I feel as though I gained valuable insight that I can apply to any situation that involves cross-cultural communication.
     -Human Resources Specialist, Glade Run Lutheran Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Rhonda Coast for many years and can highly recommend her.  She is a consummate professional and an expert in the area of effective cross-cultural communication and expatiate/inpatriate acculturation.  Her ability to both facilitate group training and work one-on-one with individuals and families speaks to her flexibility and capability as a trainer and a coach.

During a surge in international hiring at a high-tech firm in Pittsburgh, Rhonda helped me with the inpatriation process for a large number of new hires from India, Italy and the United Kingdom.  She conducted cultural competency training for these engineers, which eased them into a new culture and workplace. In addition, she facilitated training seminars for their managers, to help build cultural understanding and sensitivity, while equipping the managers with tools to coach their new hires effectively.  She received accolades from her students, high scores on course evaluations, and very good results for our organization.

I have worked with Rhonda frequently since this time, and she is always ready to assist with information, coaching and recommendations.  She maintains an active involvement in the international community and I know her to consistently work to keep her skills and knowledge current.  She is truly passionate about her profession and her business, and loves what she does. This shines through in her dedication to high work standards and results for her clients.

     -Human Resources Manager, Fore Systems

I have had the opportunity to spend time with Rhonda as both a friend and a colleague.  Rhonda’s expertise combined with her passion qualifies her to be at the top of my list for Cross Cultural Trainers. Rhonda is dedicated and shows a strong work ethic in preparation for her trainings.  She is very well organized, easy to work with, and possesses exceptional communication skills.  She is always positive and supportive.  Rhonda understands how to ask thought-provoking questions that force you to find relevant solutions for your own particular situation.
     -President, Corporate WorkAbility

Making cultural differences an asset