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Books and training materials about many cultures:
Intercultural Press -
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Pittsburgh Area International Resource Links
Global Pittsburgh – International communities, business and tourism in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA
International Women’s Association of Pittsburgh
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Country Information – World Fact Book
Country Information – U.S. State Department

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World clock -
Holidays around the world
Holidays around the world

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World Health Organization (WHO)
Center for Disease Control (CDC)  Telephone:1-800-311-3435
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Translating Dictionaries
Foreign Language Online Dictionaries
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Airline Toll-Free Numbers and Websites
Exchange Rate Information and Currency Converter
Conversion scales for baking, cooking, speed, gas mileage, etc.
Conversions for currency exchange, length, area, weight, volume, temperatures, clothing & shoe sizes (men, women, children) 
Travel Warnings, Public Announcements, Consular Information Sheets
U.S. Embassy and Consulate Websites Worldwide
Travel information, security warnings and more
Foreign Embassies in Washington, D.C.
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World Newspapers and Journals Links
On-Line Newspapers of the World (organized by continent) 
World Business Dailies, World Business Magazines, Business Magazines by Country

Expatriate-Related Links
Expat Focus
Expat Exchange – Online expatriate community with information and links for expats and repatriates
Escape Artist - Expat site with lots of information
Expat Meetups - Groups of expats with shared interests meet together anywhere in the world,

     regardless of nationality
Expat Women
Women Abroad - Books about transitioning during life abroad by Expat Expert Robin Pascoe; listen to her on-line global

     lecture series addressing issues of global mobility, such as: challenges for the accompanying expat spouse; raising children

     abroad; relocating a relationship; and coming home again (repatriation)
Newcomers and mom’s clubs worldwide directory -
Transitions Abroad magazine and much more info for expats
Tales from a Small Planet – Online magazine for expats


Understanding Cultures

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 Country Specific

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Making cultural differences an asset